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Gardening Video Guides

Begonias - Saving Corms

After using up all of their flower power putting on their summer spectacular begonia corms need some TLC to get them through the winter. A quick health check followed with a good wash and brush-up before going off to bed for a couple of months. More on the subject follows in the next video.

Begonias - Cleaning Corms

It's bath night in the begonia household. Final job before putting corms to bed for the winter months. Just make sure that they are kept somewhere cool, dry and frost free. Check over from time to time checking for any signs of rotting or pests. especially mice. If the corm appear shrivelled mist them over with tepid water. Allow them to dry before putting back into store. You can use wood chips, sawdust/shavings, shredded paper or dry used potting compost to pack around the corms. They should be ready to be woken up in the early spring.

Lilies - Potting On Scale Bulbs

The next chapter in the story of the lily bulb scales. This time there is a happy ending. More to follow in future videos.

Lilies - Checking Scales

An update on the lily bulb scales that were used to create new bulbs. These videos form part of a series that tell the story of how you can increase your stock of lily bulbs for free.

Hippeastrum - Potting New And Old Bulbs

Been given an Hippeastrum/Amaryllis? Don't quite know how to grow it? Don't worry, hopefully the next couple of minutes will help you to be able to impress you friends and family with your gardening expertise.

Dahlias - Winter Storing

How to lift and prepare dahlia tubers to survive the winter months.

Lilies - Saving Bulbs

How to prepare and store pot grown lily bulbs through the winter and have them ready to use again next spring.

Fuchsias - Preparing them for Winter

Cutting pot grown fuchsia plants back and safely storing them during the winter.

Pumpkins Marrows and Squashes

Pumpkins, Marrows and Squashes

Begonias - Aftercare Part1

The corms need to rebuild their strength after using up all of their flower power during the summer. Give them the Spa treatment.They must be pampered and preened and enjoy a well earned rest through the winter to be ready to do it all over again next summer. And each year the corm grows bigger.

Dahlia - Rescuing a plant

This poor tuber suffered badly from the sub-zero temperatures of the 'Beast from the East'. Reviving it proves that it is always worth waiting as long as possible for signs of new growth before giving up on a plant. It won't happen again. Find out how to lift and store your dahlia tubers during the winter.

Forcing Prepared hyacinth bulbs

Always plant prepared bulbs in pots to have a spectacularly colourful and fragrant display over the festive season and in to the New Year. But to be able to do this the story starts in September... When the bulbs have finished flowering they can be planted in the garden and left to naturalise.

Sweet Peas - Autumn Sowing - Part 1

Everybody loves sweet peas they are one of the classic sights and scents of summer. To produce long arching stems of fragrant flowers the seed should be sown in late October. Don't worry, although they look so fragile and delicate they are as tough as old boots and can survive anything that the winter weather throws at them.

Pruning Clematis Montana

Pruning Clematis Montana

Clematis - Taking Cuttings v2

Clematis - Taking Cuttings v2

Lilies 3 Stem Bulbils

Lilies 3 Stem Bulbils

Reviving Fuchsia Tom Thumb v2

Reviving Fuchsia Tom Thumb v2

Autumn Planting Crocus Barrs Purple

Autumn Planting basket of Crocus Barrs Purple

Clematis Montana Cuttings

Mid Summer Clematis Montana Cuttings Inter Nodal

Lemon Scented Verbena Cuttings Heel

Late Summer Lemon scented verbena cuttings heel

Mid Summer Penstemon Cuttings

Mid Summer Penstemon cuttings softwood nodal

Narcissus February Gold Potting

Early Autumn Planting pot of arly Narcissus February Gold

Autumn Potting With Dwarf Iris

Autumn and potting up a bulb basket with dwarf iris.

Autumn Planting Allium Purple Sensation

Autumn Planting pot of ornamental Allium Purple Sensation

Potting on Tuberous Begonias

Potting on Tuberous Begonias

Potting on Sweet Peas

Potting on Sweet Peas

Reviving Bush Fuchsia Tom Thumb

Reviving Bush Fuchsia Tom Thumb

Sowing Courgette Zucchini da Fiore

Sowing courgette-zucchini 'da Fiore' the one you
grow for the large edible flowers.

Making up a spring flowering bowl

Making up a spring flowering bowl
by Michael Thurlow

Making up a spring flowering pot

Making up a spring flowering pot
by Michael Thurlow

Making up a pot of wallflowers

Making up a pot of wallflowers by Mike Thurlow

Potting on hyacinths

Potting on hyacinths with Mike Thurlow

Sowing sweet pea seeds

Sowing sweet pea seeds with Mike Thurlow

Setting up seed potatoes for sprouting

Setting up seed potatoes for 'chitting'
or sprouting with Mike Thurlow

Starting off begonia tubers

Starting off begonia tubers with Mike Thurlow

Potting Amaryllis Hippeastrum bulbs

Potting up a new Amaryllis Hippeastrum bulb
with Mike Thurlow

Re-Potting Amaryllis Hippeastrum Bulbs

Re-Potting Amaryllis Hippeastrum Bulbs
with Mike Thurlow

Potting Hyacinths

Potting Hyacinths with Mike Thurlow

Potting Daffodils

Potting Daffodils with Mike Thurlow

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