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Now you can enjoy the fruit and vegetables that you really love. There has never been a better time than now to grow your own food. It makes perfect sense economically, it is healthier, and, if you wish to use organic techniques, the food certainly tastes great whilst being kind to the environment.

I have been fortunate to have covered all aspects of horticulture during my career and have been responsible for three restoration projects. My main interest apart from garden history is growing the “old” cultivars of fruit, flowers and vegetables. These I have discovered always have the special qualities that the ordinary gardener appreciates, especially flavour in the case of the fruit and vegetables.

I can help and advise you with:

Site assessment and analysis

I provide a gardening and consultancy service, research including site assessment, analysis and the preparation of designs and layout plans.

Advice and Support

I offer guidance with plant selection, purchasing and the aftercare of your garden including fruit, flowers and vegetables.

Biological pest and disease control

I can provide you with an ‘all the year round’ pest and disease control management programme. Using biological and non-chemical control methods.

Organic management and conversion

I will advise and support you in managing your garden to the highest organic standards. If you wish I can guide you through organic conversion to full Soil Association Organic Certification.

The Management and Training of Fruit Trees and Bushes

I offer practical training in managing and formal or informal training top and soft fruit. I can help you to look after your fruit trees and bushes.


I will carry out historical and horticultural searches to meet your personal requirements. If you have a restoration project and need help or advice please get in touch.

Practical training

I can offer individual training for clients, their staff and other organisations. I can also deliver training, workshops and demonstrations that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Glasshouse management

I can advise and help you grow fruit, flowers and vegetables under glass. I will show you how to care for your greenhouse plants and collections.

You will find my fees fair and reasonable.


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