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Media Work

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with a few television programmes, especially a hour long BBC 2 ‘Gardeners’ World’ broadcast on the restoration of Audley End Kitchen Garden and ‘The Great British Food Revival’. I have made contributions to various gardening magazines including ‘Grow It’, ‘Grow Your Own, ‘You magazine’ and ‘Gardens Illustrated’ and also written a Teach Yourself book; ‘Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables’. As well as a collaboration on the ‘Organic Kitchen Garden’. I have also enjoyed sharing a few hours with Ken Crowther on his highly popular BBC Radio Essex gardening programme and I also contribute to the Organic Gardening programme on World Radio Gardening an internet radio station.


Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg
Author : Michael Thurlow - Hodder & Stoughton (2011)

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg: Teach Yourself will guarantee success for anyone wishing to grow fresh produce in any patch of earth, be it garden, allotment or series of containers. This book gives specific instructions on when, where and how to grow and maintain various fruit and vegetables, from the more basic to the exotic, without the use of chemicals. It includes an A-Z list of plants together with ease of growth ratings and an approach that welcomes involvement from the whole family. Whatever your plans for home-grown fruit and vegetables this is the essential guide. ISBN 1444107372.

Organic Kitchen Garden
Collaborated with author: Juliet Roberts - Conran (2005)

Concerns about food provenance and unnecessary chemicals are undoubtedly key to the rise in interest in organic gardening, but Foodies are also keen to enjoy the flavours of really fresh produce. Digging up your first ever home-grown potatoes is said to be a life-changing experience; but eating them is even more of a thrill. Once you’ve tasted really fresh produce you’ll never go back. Not only do really fresh fruit and vegetables taste better, but they also have greater levels of vitamins, making them one of the best ways to a healthy diet. ISBN-10: 1840913940

Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth
Contributing author

Author: Elizabeth Waugh
Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Rockingham Press (17 Oct 2009)
ISBN-10: 1904851320
ISBN-13: 978-1904851325

Pomology, the scientific study and cultivation of fruit Rivers Nursery, established in 1725 and continuing as a family business until the 1980s, excelled in the introduction of fruit cultivars during the 19th century. Using first hand accounts, this book is the story of the company and its continuing international and local reputation.

Currently out of print.

Magazines, Newspapers, Internet
Taste Italia - Gardening feature writer
National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners ('NSALG') - Advice and articles for online Members Section
'You' magazine Jo Fairley - Monthly articles from the Garden
'Gardens Illustrated' Juliet Roberts - Monthly articles from the Garden
'Grow Your Own' Monthly Articles, Tips, Readers' Questions and Answers
Garden News column 'Small plot, Big crop'
'Kitchen Garden' Monthly Allotment column
'Heritage Today' English Heritage members magazine
'Daily Telegraph' Sarah Raven - Spring Flowers, Blanching Vegetables
Plus features in a various gardening and lifestyle magazines
BBC Radio Essex Ken Crowther's Gardening Programme - Guest Contributor
World Radio Gardening - The Organic Garden contributor
BBC2 'Gardeners World' with Chris Beardshaw - One Hour Long Special - Audley End Kitchen Garden

A one hour long Programme that covered the first years of the Walled  Victorian Kitchen Garden restoration.

BBC4 'British to the Core' with Chris Beardshaw - Apples - Heritage Apple collection
BBC2 'Gardeners World' with Sarah Raven - Forcing vegetables-Schizanthus
BBC2 'Great British Food Revival' with Michel Roux - Strawberries - Strawberry collection
BBC2 'Great British Food Revival' with Gary Rhodes - Tomatoes - Heritage tomato collection
BBC2 'The Plantsman' with Chris Collins - Onions
Broadcasts on various Regional television and Satellite Channels
Illustrated Lectures, Presentations and Demonstrations in all aspects of gardening
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